Lightning Electric Car? The Worlds Fastest Electric Car...

The Lightning Electric Car is a UK made sportscar that is all electric...

The Lightning GT from toby tinsley on Vimeo.

The Lightning Car Company is building, for 2013 release, a green electric car with the most sensational engineering beneath the hood.

Most electric cars are fitted with lithium ion batteries, but this GT supercar runs on lithium titanate which is an even stronger and more stable battery pack.

The car has range of over 150 miles and can charge in 10 minutes with an off board high voltage charging unit.

This ultra battery allows for the same power at any level of it's super long life.

This means you could race at 100 mph regardless whether the battery is 100%, or even discharged at 1% battery.

It has an incredible 0 to 60 mph time of 5 seconds, and because of that it will be very hard to keep it under the speed limit

This drive power is provided by two electric motors, and it is 2 wheel rear drive - A total of 400 HP!

All supplied by the long life 15,000 cycle 36 kw/h battery pack that is made using Lithium Nano Titanate.

This is a new material that gives a 150 to 180 mile range, in excess of 225 miles range with an optional range extender but the major feature is that it allows super fast charges...

They will produce about 200 vehicles a year, and will be around $280,000.

This is currently the fastest electric car out there, with performance that not many gasoline cars can match.

It has standard features that include...  

Anti Lock Brakes, Traction Control, Regenerative braking, Central Locking, Air Conditioning, Electric Windows, Alloy Wheels LED Tailights, front, rear and side mounted lights, Hella halogen headlamps, Sat Nav, Leather Trim, etc etc...

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