Mini Electric Cars? Built To Look As Good As They Move..

Mini Electric Cars? 0 to 62mph in 8.5 secs...

Made by BMW, these little cars are 2 seater only...

The battery pack takes up the rear seat and legroom area, no loss really, because there isn't much room for passengers anyway in a standard Mini.

This car is fully electric, which makes it different from the majority of Hybrid cars on the roads.

This car will be subject to a consumer test period, initially released as a lease option.

Only in California, New York and New Jersey.

It has a 35 kw/hr Lithium Ion battery unit that provide a 150 mile range according to the company blurb.

It uses a 204 HP DC electric motor with a single speed gearbox and is limited to 95 mph and the suspension has been beefed up over a stock Mini.

This is because the car weighs 700 lbs more than a stock Mini Cooper...

The car is also fitted with Electronic Stabilisation, no word on whether other safety features such as airbags etc are fitted.

Leave Mini Electric Cars For Home...


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