Electric Cars Save Money

Electric cars save money, that's why they are beginning to excite more and more people as they search for ways to cut spending.

It's a known fact that going green with an electric car is great for the environment, but is also cost effective.

Simply because electric cars save YOU money!

Because electric cars save money, an electric vehicle will ease the financial hit for many people.

THE Ford C-MAX Energi Plug In

It is a Hybrid Electric Car which gets 95 MPGe

You only travel 27.5 miles for $5 in a gasoline car

Versus 90.6 Miles in an electric car -

EV Owners Are Paying $0.90 To $1.90 Of Electricity Charging Their Electric Cars


Source: greencarreports.com

How much are you paying for gas?

Find Gas Prices Near You

Plug In Hybrid Electric Cars get almost 100 MPG on gasoline

And 40 miles GASOLINE free in electric mode

Chevrolet Volt Hybrid Electric Car (94 MPG) Costs -
Full Charge $1.50 vs Full Tank = $40.00


Plug-in Hybrid Electric Cars

DO use some gasoline BUT

An all-electric vehicle doesn't use ANY gasoline.

Electric Cars save money at the pump and on maintenance, there is no oil changes, filters, belts, etc and services for maintenance are reduced

Consider this fact, you are saving a great deal of money in that alone.

Electric vehicles or EV's operate on a battery.

The cost of recharging electric cars isn't nearly as costly as purchasing gasoline for a car. For example -

Tesla Model S Electric Car recharging costs -

Full Charge $10.50 (versus the cost of filling your gas tank) which gives you 300 miles of zero emission driving

Source: cool-electric-cars.com via Pinterest

Since there are a number of factors that affect the price of gasoline, finding cheap prices can be quite difficult. Driving around your city to find gas stations that will save you a couple cents is not a practical decision.

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So if you happen to have a car that demands the use of expensive gasoline like the first generation of hybrid technology, you may consider checking out cheaper gas prices in your area to keep your vehicle well maintained and avoid using more cash than necessary!

When your electric vehicle’s battery needs to be recharged you can simply plug it in or drive over a wireless inductive charging pad.

If you need need to buy a small car -

Electric Cars are perfect!

Source: cool-electric-cars.com via Pinterest

If you need a regular size car, Electric Cars are perfect!

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Car Insurance

Companies are becoming more environmentally conscious and are rewarding drivers who purchase vehicles that make use of alternative types of fuel.

Some insurance companies will grant discounts on the electric vehicle’s owners car insurance premiums. This makes for great savings.

Car insurance companies are recognizing the impact that operating an electric vehicle can have on the environment, as well as the individual driving it. Saving on car insurance is always helpful.

Federal Incentives

The government is also taking a conscious effort towards the environment in terms of recognizing the part that electric vehicles play in the community.

An electric vehicle is a cleaner, more efficient way to travel as opposed to a gas powered vehicle.

They are offering various types of federal tax credits if you purchase one of these vehicles. The offered tax credits help to defer some of the costs in purchasing the electric vehicle and make it more enticing to buy one.

Low Maintenance

The cost of maintaining an electric car is quite different than a gas powered automobile.

Visits to the repair shop are few and far between. You still need to take care of car issues, such as tires and the battery, but there are no oil changes to worry about.

There are also no other car engine needs that are typical in a gas powered vehicle.

The money that is saved in this area is phenomenal.

Simply because electric cars save money!


Think back on all of the times that you were late to work due to a car problem.

Now, think about all of the times that you had to miss hours at work in order to have your car serviced. It is a fact that time is money.

In the time that is spent having your car serviced you could be making money. The money that was lost during the times that you had to take care of your car would probably add up to quite a bit.

Although an electric car can be more costly to purchase, in the long run you're likely to make up this cost and then some in other ways.

Simply because electric cars save money!

Owning an electric car is the future.

It is a future filled with a healthier existence for everyone.

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