Electric Car Conversion - How To Do It...

How To Set Up For Electric Car Conversion!...

Many people are doing home conversions right now. Because of the price of gas, and the fact that converting to electric makes your car 3.33 times more efficient

Pontiac Fiero Conversion To Electric

Where to source the parts, like the DC electric motor, DC controller, the batteries, whether you use lead acid or lithium ion, or nickel metal hydride.

All of these considerations are part of the art of making a conversion.

Another thing to think about, what type of vehicle will you convert?

A small type of vehicle will give the best power to weight ratio, but a medium size vehicle conversion will still perform well.

Most of the parts for electric vehicles currently are sourced from forklift manufacturers.

The use of Marine lead acid batteries will be a cheaper method than Lithium Ion batteries.

The major advantage of Lithium is it is much lighter, saving weight.

How to perform an electric car conversion on your vehicle.

These videos give you an idea what you will need to do it in your own backyard...

Step 1: Remove the old gas motor leaving the air conditioning radiator, take out the fuel tank, remove the exhaust, then remove the clutch.

Step 2: Fit an adapter plate between the Electric Motor and the transmission.

You will also need to make some attachments and brackets for the motor.

Step 3: You can make a reduction gear for your conversion, but this will be expensive.

So just use the existing transmission unit.

Remember the reverse gear is needed if you have a DC motor.

Step 4: Fit the DC controller and fit the batteries into a battery holder that you have made in the trunk, and wire them up using heavy cable, gauge 00# to the controller.

Step 5: You will need to wire up separate motors for the power steering pump, power brakes, the air conditioner, and also an electric water heater.

Step 6: You will need to get a speed control unit or potentiometer and wire it in to your accelerator pedal.

For accessories, use the existing battery installed in the car and just get a dc dc converter to use for charging it.

Then you need to wire up the ignition switch to your High Current Relay Unit.

Now you are ready to go!

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