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Holden Electric Cars

The New Long Range Holden Volt This is a Hybrid Electric Car that gets more than 100 MPGe on electricity for 50 mile [80 Km] trips and so on, example

Holden Volt Hybrid Electric Car Costs - Full Charge $2.50 vs Full Tank = $50.00 PLUS

How The Holden Volt Works

The Holden Electric Car will run for more than 600 km per fill It will take only 6 Hours to charge fully, at a cost of $2.50 AUD, giving you 80 KM of emissions free driving

It is based on the Chevy Volt (See videos below)

Low emissions and alternative fuels are moving to the forefront of Holden's sales list.

Holden unveiled the Electric Volt which will sell in Australia by 2012, and GM will sell in the UK as the Vauxhall Ampera, and in Europe as the Opel Ampera which won the award for Car of the year!

The first of the range of Holden Volt Electric Cars will not be out of the price range of most buyers, at $59,990 AUD.

The Volt is a range extender, or an Extended Range Electric Vehicle, [EREV] that allow a range of 80 km...

They are then charged by a 4 cylinder motor powered by petrol or gasoline.

You can also charge the car's batteries via a charging cord which will plug into a home outlet.

This allows 80 km of travel using the stored charge in the 16 kw/hr lithium ion batteries.

But you can continue to drive even when the batteries are exhausted up to 600 Km

This is made possible by a 53 Kw generator that charges as you drive to produce energy for the 111 Kw electric drive motor.

Most consumers don't want to be "range limited" to driving a short distance.

They still require a long range, free of range anxiety for the long drives they will take on a weekend to visit somewhere distant.

The Long Range Electric Holden Volt


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