Ugly Electric Cars: Which Is the Ugliest?

Ugly Electric Cars:

Which Is The UGLIEST Electric Car? Tweet button under each video!!

The latest Ugly Electric Car, an underwhelming monstrosity:

Toyota FT-Bh

Why Toyota? You can make beautiful cars, and yet this one (Barf)

The RinSpeed Dock & Go: previewed at Geneva Auto Show 2012

The Corbin Sparrow...

Best quote from Tweets: Yikes just call that car Kermit!

Catherine White Photography won our Tweet comp with that comment for the funniest quote:

Ugly Electric Cars:

This is a Corbin Sparrow 3 Wheeled Electric Car...

They stopped making them...?? I can't figure that out!!???

Ugly Electric Cars:

This Is The Apocalypse EV1...

Best quotes from Tweets: They were so much in a hurry they left all the body parts behind

#ApocalypseEV1 is the ugliest (but it has a cool backstory!)
Apocalypse EV-1 Electric Car

The Apocalypse EV-1 is (apparently) named after Harold Egbert Camping (born July 19, 1921) an American Christian radio broadcaster, predicted the end of the world (The Rapture) in 2011...

Or the Apocalypse!!!

September 2011, Camping and several other fanatics who predicted the end of world were awarded an Ig Nobel Prize for "Teaching the World to be careful when making mathematical assumptions and calculations"... LOL

From their site: We are two brothers, Michael and Kenny, who want to build street-legal electric vehicles that are affordable and apocalypse ready. While traditional car companies don't care that your current vehicle is nothing more than an out-of-gas zombie trap in a post-apocalypse wasteland, we have come up with a solution. Whether caused by the rapture, nuclear war, or (most likely) zombies, Apocalypse EV-1 is the affordable solar/battery powered transportation that allows savvy survivors to traverse the sun-baked badlands the fun way. Whether searching for pockets of civilization, water, or family, the Apocalypse EV-1 limits the search for one valuable commodity, fuel.

BONUS: They also have built the Zombie Annihilator!

The SIM-LEI Electric Car (Below), one of the truly #Bizarro looking electric cars, maker SIM-Drive Corp. plans to put it into production in the next two years. 2012-2014

It is really super ugly because it seems that the more aerodynamic you make a car, the uglier it gets!

They made it ultra aerodynamic, and gets 186 miles per charge with a 0.19 coefficient of drag, better than the Officially Crushed GM EV1 Electric Car...

The Sim-Lei: Best quote from Tweets: A Bumble Bumbler

Body shape: Why the Sim-Lei gets 300+ kms range / charge

The Girasole

The cool thing about the Girasole aside from being a really ugly little car is the fact that, apart from being Italian designed (see video clip)according to my sources, the designer, Yoshio Takaoka, working with Italy's Start Lab SAP, has designed the sound of a horse cantering as the horn...

So that when you press the button, the car makes a Clip Clop sound... No demo in the video though :(

Harks back to the 1800's when you would have to dodge real horses on the highway...

It can be charged via the front stowed recharging plug and cable that is conveniently kept under the hood, costing only about a dollar a night, then you can travel 75 miles in style at 45 mph...

Why is it that really ugly cars are SO CHEAP?

Conversely the best looking Electric Cars are not?

Like the Tesla or the Jaguar Turbine Electric, Or The Chevy Volt?

There Must be a reason, so I'm guessing that some of the manufacturers of these ugly electric cars are thinking that they can fly under the radar with their vehicles...

Avoiding the heavy competition that would come and drive up the price of their UNIQUE cars...

BONUS: Scroll to midway on this page, and you will find a video of 2 gentlemen talking about ugly electric cars... One of the best things is the shots of some unreal cars...

The Volkswagen NILS Concept...

Best quote from Tweets: Love VW but this isn't a "bug" - it looks like a water bug!

The TATA Pixel..

More about the Corbin Sparrow: (Up top of page)

Apparently Myers Motors took over the making of them, with the NMG: No More Gas.. Get It?

This Is An Actual FACT

There is a YouTube Channel EVTV Show About Ugly Electric Cars!

EVTV showing 2 experts chatting about ugly electric cars or UEC's and Electric Car Conversion.. If you can't wait, awesomeness starts at 2:00 mins

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