Climate Change Is Simple


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Climate change is simple

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"A tiny blue dot set in a sunbeam. 

"Here it is. That's where we live. That's home. 
We humans are one species and this is our world."

"It is our responsibility to cherish it."

"Of all the worlds in our solar system, the only one so far as we know, graced by life."

Carl Sagan 1934 - 1996 -



Get Worried, Relieved, Then Excited

Time To Agree On Taking Climate Action

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1/11/2013 this massive dust storm hit Onslow, Australia in the midst of a paralyzing heatwave and huge fires across the continent.

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Earth's BioCapacity Has Been Exceeded

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Why Is BigOil (Amongst Many Others) Investing BILLIONS In "Natural" Gas?

Because - Global Oil Demand is 89.37 million barrels PER DAY.

World production is just 75 million barrels. (2012)

Peak oil was reached in 2005

Basically, BigOil NEEDS to replace one fossil fuel with another because of $$$

Ultimate Guide in 7 minutes

CO2 From Fossil Fuel burning releases CO2

Graphic Released By ExxonMobil To Demonstrate CO2 Reduction

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Energy For The Future

- Some Good News -

U.S CO2 emissions are the lowest in 20 years


Gas is replacing Coal in Power stations

Because U.S. "Natural" Gas is cheaper and cleaner than Coal for electricity generation

Naturally, BigOil Has invested


Secret tactics =

Control all electricity generation by replacing Coal with cheaper Gas

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Is It A Better DRUG Than OIL?

While "Natural" Gas Allows BigOil And Other Dealers To Replace Our Addiction To OIL


To Electricity Generators

Because It Is MUCH Cheaper

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Fossil Fuel Subsidies

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Coal vs Nat Gas Price CrossOver

Natural Gas has slid below Coal when compared using equivalent energy terms

Coal is $59.32 per short ton.

The coal provided to CME Central Appalachian Coal futures has an energy of 12,000 btu per pound.

24 mmbtu is contained in a short ton of coal therefore the converted price of Coal is $2.472 per mmbtu.

Natural gas is $2.343 per mmbtu

Android Complaining Global Warming Is A Hoax

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Star Trek

If Earth Is The Enterprise then the Fossil Fuel Giants Are

Klingon Warbirds

BigCoal and BigOil and BigGas

Are set on mining all fossil fuels and selling them to create wealth for themselves and shareholders

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Climate Change IS Simple -

A Global Climate War Is On between KLINGONS -


  • Fossil Fuel Giants (BigOil, BigCoal, BigGas)
  • Want to keep their MASSIVE profits flowing -
  • Scientists, Environmentalists, and People...

Are fighting a losing battle - and no one wants to lose their jobs, careers, homes and lives in this


"There is nothing in the world more dangerous than sincere ignorance & conscientious stupidity"

-Martin Luther King, Jr.-

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."

Albert Einstein

Carl Sagan - The Pale Blue Dot -

Including the view of earth from Voyager -

As suggested to NASA by Carl Sagan -

Photo Courtesy NASA

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Global Climate War Explained -

"Those who are skeptical about carbon dioxide greenhouse warming might profitably note the massive greenhouse effect on Venus.

No one proposes that Venus's greenhouse effect derives from imprudent Venusians who burned too much coal, drove fuel-inefficient autos, and cut down their forests.

My point is different.

The climatological history of our planetary neighbor, an otherwise Earthlike planet on which the surface became hot enough to melt tin or lead, is worth considering - especially by those who say that the increasing greenhouse effect on Earth will be self correcting, that we don't really have to worry about it, or (you can see this in the publications of some groups that call themselves conservative) that the greenhouse effect is a "hoax".

- Carl Sagan 1934 - 1996 -

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No one believes that we can pour pollutants into the atmosphere forever...

"Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water.

Don't sit this one out. Do something."

Carl Edward Sagan (9 November 1934 – 20 December 1996)

What causes Global Warming?

To answer that, you first ask

"What has CO2 air, land and ocean pollution caused since 1998?"

From 1950
and back to when fire was discovered

The oceans have vacuumed up gigatonnes of the CO2 emitted, and the trapped heat (from the Greenhouse effect) has warmed the ocean much more than the air or land temps -

Melting the Arctic

while increasing rainfall over the world

and increasing Antarctic ice by adding more snowfall there

while droughts rage elsewhere

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The Bad News

What is Climate change?
Global climate change 2012 and climate change effects are becoming more and more obvious -

This will force climate weirding adaptation and extreme weather / hot weather / cold weather strategies to be created, to tackle the environmental degradation impacts, like heat waves, sea level rise and increasingly weird weather and the following graphic contains some environmental facts for you to consider -

"Judging by the pollution content of the atmosphere, I believe we have arrived at the late twentieth century."

- Spock in 'The Voyage Home' -

London smog of 1952 which killed 8000 Londoners -

Julie Harrison models the masks available -

Climate change IS simple for her -

"It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity." - Albert Einstein -

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Climate change is simple in this short film -

British Government film from the late 1940s about the dangers of pollution.

The Bad News -

Climate Change Is Simple -

U.S. Midwestern Drought Intensifies -

‘I Don’t Remember Anytime It Was This Dry, This Early’

"A mild snowless winter, an unusually dry spring, and debilitating heat in May and June have created serious drought conditions in parts of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, among other states."

Quotes from U.S. Drought Monitor -

A very strong drought in “Most of Arkansas and … in southern Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, [as well as] western Kentucky and Tennessee."

Islands of D2 (severe drought) appeared in northern Missouri and Indiana as well as central Illinois” -

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NBC Meteorologist Bill Karins said -

“We’ve never really seen a heat wave like this in the month of June.” -

It is so hot that NBC Washington’s Chief Meteorologist, Doug Kammerer, explained on air -

“If we did not have global warming, we wouldn’t see this"

UPDATE: Meteorologist Dr. Jeff Masters has more all-time heat records:

109° Columbia, SC (old record 107° on two previous occasions)
109° Cairo, IL (old record 106° on 8/9/1930)
108° Paducah, KY (ties same on 7/17/1942
106° Chattanooga, TN (ties same on 7/28/1952)
105° Raleigh, NC (ties same on 8/21/2007 and 8/18/1988)
105° Greenville, SC (old record 104° 8/10/2007 although 106° was recorded by the Signal Service in July 1887)
104° Charlotte, NC (ties same on 8/9 and 10/2007 and 9/6/1954)
102° Bristol, TN (ties same on 7/28/1952-this site now known as `Tri-State Airport’)
109° Athens, GA. This is just 1° shy of the Georgia state record for June of 110° set at Warrenton in 1959.

Temperature map for the U.S. on 7/29/2012

For these people - Climate change is simple

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent 1938 vs 1943 -

Arctic sea ice extent from August 2012 from NSIDC (purple) overlaid on a map of sea ice extent in August 1938 from the Danish Meteorological Institute.

Red symbols indicate direct observations in 1938.

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The sea ice in the Arctic Ocean dropped below the previous all-time record set in 2007.

This year also marks the first time that there has been less than 4 million square kilometers (1.54 million square miles) of sea ice since satellite observations began in 1979.

This animation shows the 2012 time-series of ice extent using sea ice concentration data from the DMSP SSMI/S satellite sensor.

The black area represents the daily average (median) sea ice extent over the 1979-2000 time period.

Layered over top of that are the daily satellite measurements from January 1 -- September 14, 2012.

A rapid melt begins in July, whereby the 2012 ice extents fall far below the historical average.

The National Snow and Ice Data Center ( will confirm the final minimum ice extent data and area once the melt stabilizes, usually in mid-September.

Prof Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University calls for "urgent" consideration of new ideas to reduce global temperatures.

Arctic expert predicts final collapse of sea ice within four years

As sea ice shrinks to record lows, Prof Peter Wadhams warns a 'global disaster' is now unfolding in northern latitudes

How To LOSE IT While Doing The Weather Report LIVE

“Inside Story Americas” from Al Jazeera In Depth Discussion

With Michael Mann, Bob Deans, And Heidi Cullen

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Global Climate Change is simple -

A picture of a polar bear completely out of its environment without any ice visible for miles.

It traveled far away from its own environment and starved to death. -

“Among the most alarming changes is the disappearance of native species" -

Polar bears are moving farther north because they need the shelter of pack ice to give birth to their young

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Climate change is simple for Priscilla Judd -

Song by @PriscillaJudd #FirstNations #AlaskaNative #Greenland

When she saw this Polar Bear, she wrote this song -

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"We all know oil companies make an amazing amount of money ($33.5 billion in 2012 first quarter profits by the Big Five alone) selling gasoline and other petroleum products to the world."

Oil Companies Fear The Financial Impacts of Climate Change

Because Oil companies make all their money from rapidly depleting fossil fuel stocks, along with increasingly expensive aquisition costs, climbing every day...

When it comes to their massive profits, oil companies also say that climate change threatens to cut off their income, affecting stock prices and Coal is suffering from the demands of the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency, and Coal demand dropping in the U.S...

Luckily for them, India and China are increasing coal consumption exponentially because of new power plants and sales of vehicles -

Unlucky for the planet -


Oil profits are tanking because Oil prices are currently climbing, causing prices at the pump to rise, producing cratering Oil demand, there is a restricted Oil supply due to Middle East problems -
and Environmentalists.

Climate change is simple for Big Oil and Big Coal -

Naturally, that has enraged them both so much, BigCoal has turned into a Tyrannosaurus Rex -

With BigOil - Another Fossil Fuel Dinosaur...

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Coal Not Selling In China = Rising Coal Stockpiles

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Coal and Oil fear the loss of profits -

Because it is getting too expensive for Power Plants to be built and to buy fuel and make a profit, including India and China...

New power plant investment is running into the problem of becoming locked into power plant investments that are -

  1. expensive to build and run
  2. cost billions up front
  3. then the ongoing costs are constantly climbing every year, versus Renewable power plants -

Which are install once, pay once, then -
Sit back and make profits from then on

Which one will make more financial sense to accountants?

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Climate Change Is Simple
For the group of BigOil companies that were once called the "Seven Sisters"

But now they could be the 5 Frantic Dwarfs, if you consider both tanking Oil production and profits -

And they are shifting over to "Natural" Gas simply because they have seen the writing in the Magic Mirror and they are getting out of Oil because of reports that Global Oil demand "will shrink to nothing" -

And there is no gallant Prince to save them with a kiss -

And turn them magically into the "Seven Sisters" AGAIN -

Climate change is simple for the "Frantic Dwarfs"

Buy BIG Into "Natural" Gas

BUT THEY STILL Make loads of cash from OIL

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The Good News

"I have...a terrible need...shall I say the word?...of religion."

"Then I go out at night and paint the stars."

Vincent van Gogh, for whom color was the chief symbol of expression, was born in Groot-Zundert, Holland on March 30, 1853. MOMA Museum

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Global Action

Members of and unfurled a giant trillion dollar bill on Copacabana beach ahead of the Rio+20

- How times have changed. -

"The top trend on Twitter is #EndFossilFuelSubsidies, a million people have signed a petition to phase out state support for global warming fossil fuels, and even celebrities such as Stephen Fry are making a noise about the issue. -

$1,000,000,000 or 1 Trillion dollars in subsidies every year."


Climate change is simple for environmentalists -

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More global response -

Climate change is simple for people -

Climate Change Is Simple For Morocco

Climate Change Is Simple For Brazil

And The Amazon

Gasoline prices have NEVER touched the price of electricity -

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Climate Change Is Simple For Accountants

Accountants WILL save the Earth from global climate change - Why?

Coal And Oil are too expensive to use for transport -

You ONLY travel 27.5 miles for $5 in a gasoline car versus 90.6 Miles in an electric car

Hybrid Electric Car Costs

Full Charge $1.50 vs Full Tank = $40.00


Coal is too expensive for power generation versus Solar, which is close to parity with coal meaning the same price, and dropping precipitously -

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Climate change is simple for SOLAR

Solar Installations Are Going Parabolic -

Cost of Solar Electricity Is Plummeting

Now level with Coal in price and still dropping -

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Climate change is simple for climate science deniers

In arguments about free solar energy, they will say -

“Bwahaha - The Sun doesn’t shine at night!"

At night though, power stations are desperately trying to manage with reduced load, meaning that there is no demand for electricity from the vast majority of people, who are sleeping....

But the Generators still must run -

Load management must balance electricity on the grid with demand by control of the load rather than the plant's generation capacity.

But during the day, the Sun is out -

When peak power is needed, you have lots of sunlight to drive the solar panels towards their maximum output...

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300 years of Fossil Fuels in 300 seconds or 5:39 minutes -

Climate Change Is Simple For The Mining Industry

Renewable And FREE Energy Usage Will Surge To More Than $30 Billion By 2020 in the Mining Industry, Because Fossil Fuels Are Too Expensive

Including - Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydro and Hydrokinetic, Biomass and Biofuels, Energy Storage, Fuel Cells, and Microgrids

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Global climate change is simple for Elevate

100% Free Energy - Meaning

The Sun, Wind, And Tides, Earth

Solar, Wind Power, Tidal Power, And Thermal

Climate change is simple for scientists -

Australia Is Attacking The Problem -

Want To Do Something
Add your news - Tweet me -

A Quote from Thomas Edison - IN 1931!

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Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.

Carl Edward Sagan (9 November 1934 – 20 December 1996)

An American astronomer and science writer.

Climate change is (was) simple for Carl Sagan -

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