Tesla Electric Car? As Good As They Say?

Tesla Electric Car:

Tesla Model C Electric Car Concept Due 2014 $29,990:

Another Rendering Of Tesla Model C

Govt Doesn't Work Like Tesla's Business which is Income Versus Outgoings = Happy Shareholders :)

Government works like a car - TAX = BRAKES :( And SPENDING = GO JOBS, GDP, INFRASTRUCTURE :)

Tesla is betting that it is that good, and they can provide real statistics to support it - PLUS The motor industry car of the year awards for the Model S are everywhere like HERE

Tesla Model S

Manufacturers always use day to day real world stats for their guesses about customer driving range per day...

Most gasoline cars use gasoline at the rate of 20-30 mpg, which is about 100 kWh per 60 miles or 100 km in the US, but in the UK, where smaller cars are normal, we are looking at 68-80 kWh per 60 miles or 100 km.

Because the Tesla Model S has a 95 kWh battery pack, roughly, we can state that will travel around 60 miles / 100km per 29 kwh, which is almost 4 times better than the best gasoline car, if the gasoline per 60 miles or 100 km is converted to kWh per 60 miles / 100 km.

21 kwh per 60 miles / 100 km is equivalent to 63g per mile or 105g CO2 per km, assuming that electricity generation has a production of 500 g CO2 per kWh...

Now the stats are that each driver will only travel around 18 miles or 30 km to work each day, so that an electric car should more than handle the day to day needs of most people.

8.3% of folks usually travel more than 18 miles or 30 km, so if they fall within half range, or 90 miles or 150 km, they should be fine too...

So can Tesla electric cars provide the environmental standards that we expect from our next cars?

It's not just about moving the CO2 output from the car exhaust to your local power station...

The best electric cars can deliver is an energy cost of 15 kWh per 100 km at this point in time..

Which makes the efficiency of electric cars four times that of gasoline...

The greatest result so far for gasoline cars is 68 kWh per 60 mile or 100 km...

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Tesla Roadster

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model S Factory Tour

Tesla Corporation has built the Roadster, a hot sports car, the Model S, and the Model X that are all electric vehicles.

The Roadster can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds

The Roadster can get 244 miles (393 km) on a charge of its lithium ion battery pack...

This is equivalent to 120 MPG if running on normal gasoline.

The Tesla Roadster is the first electric sports car to have lithium ion batteries made for it in the world, and the first to travel up to 320 km (200Miles) on a single charge...

Tesla electric cars in common with other electrics, do not need much maintenance. No oil changes, no exhaust system, no spark plugs, pistons, engine hoses of any kind, or drive belt replacements.

Any maintenance if required can be done by your friendly local mechanic, not requiring any special tools or equipment to do so.

...All this for $100,000.

The Tesla Roadster uses an AC motor coupled to an advanced transmission.

This technology is better than that used in the other electric vehicles.

They have used technology that they have licensed from AC Propulsion, this allowed them to manufacture their own electronics and electric motor.

Tesla also incorporates many design and safety features, such as airbags, etc into the design.


375 volt AC induction air-cooled electric motor with variable frequency drive.

Torque 273 lb-ft at 0-5,400 rpm Horsepower 288 hp (215 kW) at 5,000-6,000 rpm Max rpm 14,000 rpm


Top Speed 125 mph 0 to 60 mph 3.9 seconds

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