Eliica Electric Car? Stunning Performance And An Incredible Design Feat..

An Incredible Design Feat From The Designer Of The Eliica Electric car...

The Eliica (or Electric Lithium - Ion Car) is a prototype car that runs on electric batteries, a concept car designed by a team at Keio University in Tokyo, led by Professor Hiroshi Shimizu. The car measures 5.1 meters (16.7 feet) and runs on lithium ion, accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h (60 mph) in four seconds.

In 2004, the Eliica reached a speed of 370 km/h (230 mph) at the high speed track in Nardo in Italy.

The team's goal is to exceed 400 km/ h (250 mph), breaking the record for street legal vehicles powered by gasoline. The Eliica weighs 2400 kilograms (5291 pounds), has seats for driver and three passengers.

The car has four doors and a futuristic design, they designed an aerodynamic shape that was tested in a wind tunnel. The front doors open forward and the rear doors open ascending as wings.

The Eliica is very efficient because it consumes only 1/3 of the energy that a vehicle with gasoline consumes to reach the same performance.

Inside the car's chassis contains four tracks of 80 batteries. The batteries currently require about 10 hours to charge from empty to full charge, and can be easily loaded into the network of residential energy.

The car has eight wheels and the car is very low to stay closer to the ground for better traction. Each wheel has an electric motor of 60 kW (80 hp), totaling approximately 480 kilowatts (640 hp). The eight wheels give better grip on all types of road surface. Steering is performed ​​by the four front wheels. Japanese Environmental Professor Hiroshi Shimizu from the Faculty of Environmental Information at the Keio University designed the Eliica Electric Car...

He and his team have built an 8 wheeled supercar that has a top speed of 370 Kmh or 230 mph.

The Electric Lithium Ion Car has eight wheels with electric 55 kw hub motors with an output of 470 kilowatts and zero tailpipe emissions...

This means that the vehicle is eight wheel drive, with a maximum range of 320 kilometers provided by lithium ion batteries.

However, current models cost approximately $300,000 US, about one third of which is the cost of the batteries.

It reminds me of the car that Lady Penelope was chauffered in by Parker in the TV series "Thunderbirds"...

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