Ford Hybrid? Combines the best of both worlds...

Ford Hybrid? Compromises on neither

Ford C-Max Energi $30,000 USD 118 HP 42 MPG

Hybrids try to provide the best of both worlds, by giving a gasoline engine for distance driving and an electric motor for stop start driving.

You can get small car hybrids and large size suv type vehicles, and the only difference apart from size is that the different types get different fuel economy.

The Ford escape has a fuel economy of 33 mpg, which saves a lot of money over a standard SUV.

A hybrid has the strength of a regular gasoline suv, with the strength of an electric motor, which may run at the same time or separately, depending on the mode.

Battery power alone won't cut it with some buyers, because the range of the battery car is an issue.

And many people don't want to or will forget to plug in a battery only car.

So for those people, a hybrid makes a lot more sense, since they want the fuel efficiency of a hybrid, with the convenience of just jumping in and driving it.

A hybrid car avoids the recharge problem by recharging the batteries while you drive, via the gasoline engine and also by using the braking energy to recharge the batteries.

It also neatly sidesteps the problem that most people have with a hybrid, in that you don't even know that you are driving one...

With the Ford Escape SUV, Ford have made a smaller version of the bigger SUV's around, with a significantly increased fuel economy and better performance than a standard SUV of the same type.

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