Toyota Hybrid? Why not choose the most loved car?

You will be pleased if you make the choice of a Toyota Hybrid Camry instead of any other car because if you look at sales figures alone, the Camry is America's top choice.

Now if you were to take the option of more fuel economy meaning 33 mpg and 700 miles between fills, the choice of the Camry hybrid seems clear.

Because you could select the gas only V6 version and get 23 mpg.

With the Camry hybrid drive, the best thing is the combination of power to weight ratio and economy to boot.

The Camry hybrid gets to 60 mph in 8.9 seconds.

The gasoline section of the hybrid is the 2.4 liter four cylinder engine which puts out 147 hp.

Then there is the electric drive, which is a 105 kw motor which puts out another 45 hp.

A 244 volt battery pack with a nickel metal hydride chemistry feeds the motor.

The whole package puts out 192 hp versus the standard 4 cylinder's output of 158 hp.

Toyota has installed a complete set of safety devices for the Camry, including antilock brakes, traction control, stability control, steering boost, and the new whiplash lessening design seats.

It is a front wheel drive car and it also has an electronically controlled CVT transmission (Continously variable transmission)

On the road performance is slightly underwhelming, if up to the standard of Toyota Camry...

It is smooth, quiet and has a definitely finished feel, just what a Camry is meant to be.

It is large inside and is surprisingly comfortable even for a fairly big person to get around in...

And it is powered by the legendary hybrid synergy drive, well known because cars like the Prius with that powerplant outsell all other makers by many times...

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